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Milngavie 2020

Games Of The XXXII Olympiad

Step 14 : An overview of the project so far

     One of the factors the IOC look at is the "Overall project and legacy", so what better way to show this than a recap of the bid so far, and the future of the bid.

     In the previous 13 steps I have shown a plethora of reasons why Milngavie is ready to host the Games Of The XXXII Olympiad. The bid started with creating a logo and a mascot for the games. Next up was meeting the bid requirements, which had me find an olympic village, and looking into various matters such as transport, accommodation, safety, previous sporting experience, infrastructure, environment, venues and finances.

     The future of the bid, something I like to call my 2020 Vision, would be to get more local people to show their support for the bid and local businesses interested in the free advertising, and then submit the bid to the IOC in time for their summer 2013 decision date for the host country.

     All that was left to do is prove local support.

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