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Milngavie 2020

Games Of The XXXII Olympiad

Step 13 : Counting up the finances

     With an honours degree in applied maths under my belt I figured I would be able to apply those mathematics into counting up the costs of the olympic games.

     First step was to work out the money that had been saved up. I thought the best place to start would be the piggy bank Campbell gave me for Christmas a few years back. It might only be full of coppers, but at least it looks good.

Little Monster indeed

     The 2012 London Olympics are currently estimated to cost £9.35 billion, 23% of which will come from the National Lottery. This equates to just over £2 billion, which would be very useful money if Milngavie 2020 received backing from the National Lottery.

     Unfortunately the standard cost of hosting the Olympics is £2 billion, so I'd need to find money for every other aspect of the Milngavie Games. £7 billion of the London bid is going to be used for building venues and improving the transport in the area. Having already proved how good Milngavie's transport is, all I'd have to do is count the costs of upgrading the venues and a few other things. Vic Reeves:"88.2% of statisitcs are made up on the spot"

The opening ceremony wouldn't cost a thing, with it just being the bringing of the torch to the Olympic Village. With government funding, this would leave local businesses the chance to advertise at the Olympics for free.

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