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Milngavie 2020

Games Of The XXXII Olympiad

TheDrum.co.uk Logos

     After Milngavie 2020 reached the news, Nicola from the Community Soup contacted Scotland's leading media and marketing industry magazing/webpage TheDrum.co.uk, who asked some companies to design their own Milngavie 2020 logos. The result was a 3 page spread in the May issue of the magazine (just before a 2 page spread about the rebranding of Partick Thistle). Here is what appeared in the magazine :

The Race Is On

     The sleepy Glasgow suburb of Milngavie may not be the first destination many would chose for the Olympic Games. Yet one local resident has already undertaken a feasibility study into the logisitics of his village hosting the event. Alaways one to crash-in on potential global exposure, The Drum climbed onboard the bandwagon to help create a suitable logo for the Games' bid.

     In recent weeks The Drum has put its not-too-inconsiderable might behind a bid to bring the Olympic Games to Milngavie in 2020. The quest was first embarked upon when local resident Marc Fisher launched a feasibility study into the logistics for the bid, covering all main concerns, including, accommodation, transport infrastructure (the 119 bus, train AND taxi) and Olympic village (The heart of Milngavie village, of course, equipped with full hairdresser, dentist, Indian restaurant, banks and shops).

Writing on his bid document, Fisher said: "In the summer of 2020 the 32nd Summer Olympics will commence. After a little consideration I finally came up with the perfect place to hold the Olympic Games, my home town Milngavie. "Milngavie (Nilogatie in predictive text) is worth 15 points in Scrabble, maybe not as impressive as the 122 points for Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantyssiliogogogoch, excluding double/triple word/letter squares, but the average age of a Milngavier is probably around retirement age.

"The 'small world phenomenon' states that any two people in the world can be linked by six degrees of separation, Marc's Theorum 2.4 proves that everyone in Milngavie is linked to any other Milngavier by only two degrees of separation.

"There are two main weather types in Milngavie - rain, and about to rain.

"Milngavie is a suburb of Glasgow, in Scotland, the only country in the world where the top selling soft drink is not a type of cola (it's Irn-Bru), and the only country in the world where grammatically a double positive makes a negative (aye right)."

So, armed with this brief, design teams from Stand, Freight, Locofoco, Jam Hot and O-Street 'pitched' for the opportunity to bring the Olympics to the small, wet, aged town to the north west of Glasgow.

Stand: Rain

     A mutation between Milngavie's most common weather condition and the Olympic rings

Stand: Mud Snail

     The Mud snail is one of the strongest members in the Milngavie Reservoir team

Stand: Duck Race

     Milngavie, famous for its annual Duck Race

Stand: OAPs

     Milngavie has an unusually high population of old age pensioners



     The O Street solution is based on the traditional paper mills of Milngavie (derived from Gavin's Mill) seen in the flowing shape. The Olympic rings are now one continuous line to highlight the homogenous society we live in in 2020. The M20 branding shortens what is a confusing word to spell and pronounce for non-english speaking participants

Freight: Cloud

     Weather - The weather in Scotland is not brilliant. The weather in the West of Scotland is even worse. The weather in the small suburb of Milngavie to the West of Glasgow is probably worse still. The new logo is a celebration of the often colourful - but most of the time grey - climate of Milngavie. Not just a static identity, the new logo is dynamic and doubles as a current weather forecast. As the weather changes, so does the 2020 logo

Freight: 20's Plenty

     Leafy suburbs are no place for fast driving and Milngavie is no different. This identity integrates well known road signage into the iconic five Olympic rings making an attractive, but above all safe solution to the brief. This is a logo that could quite possibly save a life

Freight: Walking Stick Men

     Milngavie is quiet and not as busy as the bustling centre of Glasgow. There's nice coffee shops with clean toilet facilities and plenty of places to buy sensible clothing. It's hardly surprising Milngavie is such a popular retirement place. It seems only fitting that the old people of Milngavie are therefore immortalised in this solution. Fusing road signage and the iconic stickmen synonymous with the Olympic games




     In the future, with pressing need to tackle global warming, the Olympic Games will be re-invented along greener principles.

     Adanced communication technologies make 'being there' a virtual experience, offsetting the influx of environmentaly unfriendly tourist flights. Instead of creating massive infrastructure and energy costs to the host country, licensing profits from the Gamesgo back in to the environment. Smaller countries who cannot hope to be considered at present, in future, are inspired to take part. A return to a 'Village Olympics' is a 100 percent feasable idea. The Olympic Games as a global event rises to the ultimate challenge: to take the lead in the race to save the planet.

     Tommaso Catalucci, intern dsigner, Locofocco, said: "Before I started work on the project I never visited Milngavie. I never met someone from Milngavie. I'm not Scottish. I'm from a small town in the middle of the Italian hills. But I know about life in a big city. Living in my hometown for me is confining, but for people from Rome it's a "great holiday in a peaceful small old town". Milngavie is like my hometown; it has something special from the point of view of a man living in a busy, polluted city.

"Marc Fisher in his website creates a good profile of the town: I was struck by his words "Small Village Pride". Reading his work I would say that closeness to nature is the key of the success for Milngavie bid for the Olympic Games: it symbolises a simple pure environment. For this reason I have turned to animal and natural forms for inspiration. Including the bunny.

     "The appeal of a small town is based on simple things: they supply an antidote to the crowd, noise and rush of big cities. 2008 Olympic Games will take place in China, the biggest and one of the most polluted countries in the world. The strength of the Milngavie bid is that a pure environment is closer to the Olympic ideal, compared to typical Olympic Games cities. The message that Milngavie is sneding could be extended to all the small towns in the world."


     What can you say about one man and his challenge to bring the Olympics to Milngavie - totally mental. So what better way to create an official logo than using an iconic M to represent Milngavie, its surrounding mountains, Mugdock park and most importantly Marc's initial, as anyone mad enough to plan such an application deserves some major recognition. The logo takes shape of the Olympic torch withthe flame and rings shooting out from the top. The use of the light blue gives hints of Scotland whilst staying away from a traditional tartan based approach. 'mon the Milngavie!