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Milngavie 2020

Games Of The XXXII Olympiad

Step 12 : Tennis

     Tennis was one of the sports played at the first olympics, Games Of The I Olympiad, but was dropped a few olympics later. After a brief stint as a demonstration sport, tennis is firmly back on the olympic calander. At olympic level is it competed in singles and doubles events by men, women and mixed (however not mixed singles).

Location - Allander Sports Centre Indoor Pitches

     Tennis : With the hockey/tennis pitches in Milngavie being used for the hockey events, the tennis would be played on the indoor football pitches in the Allander Sports Centre. This would add a new aspect to the normal grass, indoor and clay surfaced sport, adding waffle to the season. At a push the spectators area could accomodate around thirty people, which is twenty seven people more than is required to start a Mexican wave. With Jamie and Andy Murray coming from just thirty five miles away, Milngavie 2020 could see medals for some localish athletes.

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