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Milngavie 2020

Games Of The XXXII Olympiad

Step 12 : Athletics

     Whether it's Linford "Lunchbox" Christie's sprinting, Kris "Meatball" Akabusi's hurdling or Jonathan "Jonathan Edwards" Edwards' triple jumping, everyone has a favourite athltics event. There is only one place in Milngavie fit to host such an array of events.

Location - Oakburn Park

     Athletics : Having witnessed and participated in no fewer than seven primary school sports days on the field, I knew it was capable of hosting events like the egg and spoon race, the sack race, the beanbag throw, and the "round the pitches four times" marathon. The field would be able to rise to the challange and host the hurdles, the javelin, the triple jump and the various running events, with the olympic athletes to entertain us. Hopefully members from Milngavie Running Club would be able to compete with the greatest the world has to offer, or at least Trevor the Toroise.

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