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Much much better for a light half hour jog

It's been a good two week reunion Mr Balance Board

The Mortar and Pestle

Day 136 - 10 May 2009


Happy Ring Day. I think we probably shouldn't ask what that means. The gig last night was awful, really really awful, so had to go for some drinks afterwards to recover. Noone should ever tour playing only new songs when they aren't out for another few days. Mr Balance Board still hates me, so I ended up getting the Walking Test again. Someone my Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. I'll sit inside my box.

I decided to go for a third half hours worth of jogging, and planned on pushing extra hard tonight. I managed to finish a third circuit of Wii Fit jogging island, and managed more than 8000m in the half hour. Not too shabby. Once again not during Wii Fit, but today's album of the day is Graham Coxon's sixth and most recent (until tomorrow) studio album, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds. Today's pose is The Mortar and Pestle, hold the Form Baton verticaly in your right hand and cup it gently in the palm of your left. To crush is also to create, and from squashing comes spice. And do we face the final curtain.

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