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Not as good for a light half hour jog

The Thumb Wrestler

Day 135 - 09 May 2009


Happy National Bike To Work Day. No work today so no bike today. Was out early today to meet Phil and watch the football in the pub. The baddies beat the goodies, and we had to endure that in a mainly baddie filled pub. When I got back home I had a message saying I'd need to be back in town earlier than expected for the Graham Coxon gig, so was a bit rushed for Wii Fit. Got one good age test and the Walking Test, so my Wii Fit age came out at 24. Big rock dog eating indie frog.

Once again went for a half hour jog, but after a few drinks in the afternoon, and a nice and healthy Subway on the way home, the jogging didn't go as well as yesterday. Once again not during Wii Fit, but today's album of the day is Graham Coxon's fifth studio album, Happiness In Magazines, which you might have noticed a signed print of the cover art in the background of my pictures. Today's pose is The Thumb War, hold the Form Baton vertcally and rest your thumb on the top of it. The noblest of athletes, the thumb wrestler edures years of training before mastering this pose.

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