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Not to bad for a light half hour jog

The Tug-of-War

Day 134 - 08 May 2009


Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day. Befittingly I couldn't find a change of socks when I got home, not Friday socks anyway. Starting to feel alot better from doing this Wii Fit. I can safely say this last half a year has been the best half a year I've ever had. Here's to 720 more. Had a few drinks after work, kicked Metrodoku's ass on the way home, and fell asleep when I got home, so was in a rush to get Wii Fit done in time. I got another two good age tests, so my Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. Life will be better just wait and see.

To save time I went for a half hour jog, knowing I could get it done in time. It was a good jog, watched a bit of Family Guy Blue Harvest during it. Not during Wii Fit, but today's album of the day is Graham Coxon's fourth studio album, The Kiss Of Morning. Today's pose is The Tug-of-War, with Form Baton pointing forward, hold it firmly with both hands just above the navel. This stace calls to mind mind the epic struggle between heads and tails.

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