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Day 131 - 05 May 2009


Happy Bonza Bottler Day. That reminds me, never did play the Bonanza Brothers. Still being punished for my time away by Mr Balance Board, getting the Walking test again, and this time my technique really didn't work. My Wii Fit age came out at 32. Sadly enough that's only +7, so it's only slightly worse than 20 has been good. I wish this rainy day could be the last.

After another shipoopiful Step Plus I could only go down, and I really really did. Wasn't even close. With there being 6 days till Graham Coxon's new album is out and 6 studio albums to his name, this is Graham Coxon week on Mii Fit jogging, starting with studio album 1 today - The Sky Is Too High. It wasn't the most jogworthy album, but still kept on form, 333%. I went for a bit of the penguin slide today, and managed to score a top 5 score for that. Not bad for my fifth time playing it. Today's pose is The Big Cheese, with the Form Baton at your hip, force your chest and hips forward. This stance honors the CEO, unsung hero hero standing proud on the back of his employees.

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