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The Janitor

Day 130 - 04 May 2009


Happy Star Wars Day. May the fourth and all that. Think I was the only person working today. Had a lovely experience with some crazy junky lady on the way home with Terence which involved her trying to get her to phone her mum to say she would be late. Kids these days. Well done to new World Champion John Higgins. Got two good Wii Fit age tests today, so my age came out at 20 again. You know it tastes so good.

Since getting perfect Step Plus score on Day 100 it has been alot easier to get a good score, and got a perfect score again today. A full on shipoopi ensued. Do re me fa so la si do si do. With it being a bank holiday there wasn't a paper for me to read on the way to work, so stuck my iPod on and listened to some Space. Kept that up for jogging and listened to Tin Planet, scoring 330%. Wish I knew what I was doing differently when I got the much better scores before. Probably not getting a stitch. Today's pose is The Janitor, hold the Form Baton in both hands, as you would a mop. The right hand represents order, the left, filth. The Form Baton is the bridge between the two.

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