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The Sketch Artist

Day 129 - 03 May 2009


Happy Be Kind To Your Student Counsellor Day. The baddies the other baddies today. I get the feeling Mr Balance Board is punishing me for my time away, once again giving me the walking test. I have worked out if you take it really really slowly you get better scores. My age came out at 20 again, and got the exact same BMI for two days running, for the first time. You're not going anywhere.

My score for Step Plus didn't change either, 664 again. After listening to Lightning Seeds during jogging yesterday I decided to listen to another artist who has an album out in 3 weeks time, Jarvis Cocker, and went with the Different CLass section of Hits. Almost keeping in form with the day, I got a similar score to yesterday, 315%. Today's pose is The Sketch Artist, hold the Form Baton as you would a pencil during a pop quiz, delicately but defiantly. Mastery of this move can change a pop quizzee into a pop quizer.

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