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The Mohawk

Day 128 - 02 May 2009


Happy Fire Day. More importantly, happy birthday to one half of Rock 'n' Sock, The Rock. Managed to complete Zelda Phantom Hourglass today, partly by mistake. Green tshirt time again, the goodies won today. Got the walking test tonight, but managed to score 93% by walking strangely. My age came out at 20 again. I keep the faith.

Since achieving a perfect score for Step Plus at the end of the 100 day run, my Step Plus scores have ben much better the whole time, scoring 664 today. I decided to go for Tilt by Lightning Seeds for the jogging today, an album which I wasn't much of a fan of till I started listening to it in reverse track order, the only album I do that for. Only got 328%, which is still 76% better than yesterday, but not great. Today's pose is The Mohawk, point the tip of the Form Baton forward and hold it atop your head. Letting the Form Baton fall is like letting the mohawk droop: shameful and forbidden.

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