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The Dumbbell

Day 127 - 01 May 2009


Happy Save the Rhino Day. M'on the rhino! Nearly forgot about Wii Fit tonight, was getting too much into Zelda Phantom Hourglass, my game of choice for the last 3 weeks. Got two good Wii Fit tests, and my age came out at 20 again. One step closer.

After achieving the fake number of the beast yesterday I was partly tempted to aim for the real number of the beast, 616. I did get close, 661. Went for a bit of Meteora on the way home, so had to follow it up with Collision Course by Linkin Park and Jay-Zed for the jogging. I scored 252%, whole 83% worse than yesterday. It didn't feel like it was going well, but didn't feel like it was a whole 1 worse. Have you ever wondered why your stomach felt a bit tight then realised you've done the best bit of 100 sit ups? Today's pose is The Dumbbell, turn the Form Baton sideways and clutch it from below in your right hand. True masters exhibit a firm grip and an exaggerated grimace.

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