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Day 126 - 30 April 2009


Happy Night of Demons. Went out for a drink or two after work, so ended up doing Wii Fit late tonight. As is normal I did Metrodoku on the way home, and set a new record. Managed to finish it by Anderson. For all non-Glasgow people, that's 2 minutes away from my station. The Wii Fit age test started a bit badly, but made up for it with the second test. My age came out at 20. Ask me what I want, easy that's just more.

Today's Step Plus was extra enjoyable due to the fact I was between my grandma and papa. Someone really should set up a blue screen thing at a gallery so everyone could do step aerobics standing between my grandma and papa. Managed to get a decent score too, the fake number of the beast. After an incident with a dirty stick floor earlier there was only one album I could listen to during jogging, Paper Monsters by Dave Gahan. Managed to score 335%, better than yesterday but still not amazing. Today's pose is The Discard, place the Form Baton facedown on a stable surface like an unwanted, but still treasured, playing card. Do not touch the Form baton again until the proper time.

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