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Day 125 - 29 April 2009


Happy Milk-Curdling Sunday. Yes, I know it isn't a Sunday. Was much more rested and awake when it came to Wii Fitting tonight. Somehow I managed to get perfect balance again, but according to Wii Fit I'm back down to just below Ideal body weight. Wii Fit is a kilo or two out though. I got two of my worst Wii Fit age tests, including the walking test, so again my age came out at 23. My restless body cracks and moans.

We can add Step Plus to the list of things made less enjoyable by cramp. Managed to do quite well though. Amongst the list of new things on my iPod in the last three weeks includes Radiohead boxsets for their first three albums, so I listened to CD 2 of The Bends with jogging tonight, which wasn't the best choice for jogging. Only scored 303%, and now we can add jogging to the cramp list. I found out today was my 100th time doing the Jack Knife Challenge (on top of 4 times doing regular Jack Knifes) and yesterday was my 100th time doing the jogging (on top of 6 times doing the other permutations of the jogging). After doing the headers last night, I decided to do another appropriate game for tonights football. Have you ever heard the phrase "A Man U-Arsenal semi-final is like ski jumping"? Today's pose is The Chauffeur, turn the Form Baton sideways and wrap your hands around both ends. As the Form Baton turns, so too the earth and all upon it, from liver to liveryman.

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