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Day 124 - 28 April 2009


Happy Great Poetry Reading Day. So click here for some great poetry. Almost fell asleep before doing Wii Fit again tonight, could tell it wasn't going to be an overenthusiastic workout, but I know from experience Wee Jimmy doesn't ever let me take things easy. Got two good Wii Fit age tests, so again my age came out at 20. It's something magical in the air.

Few things in life beat doing Step beside my grandma. Yet another of those things that happens in three weeks away from Wii Fit, I went to see David Byrne a few weeks ago, so went for a spot of David Byrne for the jogging today. Safe to say I kept up with form, scoring 1% lower than yesterday, earning 348%. Still have no idea what I'm meant to have got three and a half of though. Since most people would have been watching the football I decided to do the headers game, which isn't more fun when you get cramp, but I can't think of anything that is more fun with cramp. Today's pose is The Waiter, place the Form Baton in your palm, tip forward and buttons facing up. See yourself serving a group of socialites. Such grace, they cry! Such style! Such hors d'oeuvres!

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