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Day 123 - 27 April 2009


Happy Write An Old Friend Today Day. I know I have, before I knew it was Write An Old Friend Today Day. Alot can change in three weeks, it was time for me to see how much I'd lost. A pre-Wii Fit check showed my weight hadn't changed. Wii Fit said I had gained 3kg, but it had been measuring 3kg short before. After a quick reminder from Mr Balance Board of our time apart it was time for the Wii Fit age tests, and I got punished for my time away, the dreaded walking test. Another decent score with another silly walk, as my mum's "you don't walk like that" would confirm, and yet again my age came out at 20, which is now 5 years younger than my actual age. It's something magical in the air.

Some new people will be there to join you in the jogging, some new people will be there to cheer you on from the sidelines. I started off where I finished, sort of. After a perfect Step Plus score on Day 100, I got a perfect score for Basic Step. No shipoopi this time. Three weeks is a long time in the world of music, so I had to jog listening to a new album, Songs of the Universe by Depeche Mode. Got a score of 349%, above average from towards the end of last time. The Jack Knife Challenge was more difficult that it was before, but that's what no situps for three weeks would do for you. Today's pose is The Samurai, with your right hand, hold the Form Baton close to your left hip. Like a hungry samurai defending his lunch, close your eyes and await your enemy's attack.

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