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Balance Challenge Test

Completed it for the first time

Balance Challenge

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Final time

Snowboard Slalom

Day 100 - 04 April 2009


Happy Birthday Miles. Happy last day of Mii Fit. Was back at the football today, hadn't had a home game in over a month. The goodies won. Today's Wii Fit test is the Balance Test, which isn't actually one of the age tests, and is slightly hidden. You need to keep your balance at 50-50 for as long as possible, by the end if you tip over into 49-51 you lose. I managed to complete that for the first time. For the Wii Fit ages tests I got the walking test, and magicaly I did really well. My age came out at 20. This time we will end it.

Finally managed to achieve my aim, to get a perfect score for Step Plus by the end of Mii Fit. What a fantastic way to finish. A full on shipoopi ensued. Do re me fa so la si do si do. Decided to listen to the best album of the last year, Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon by Get Well Soon for the Jogging, and managed to score 381%, not quite top 10, but still nearly 100% better than yesterday. Following Thursday's Ski Jump and yesterday's Ski Slalom, today's exercise is the Snowboard Slalom game, where I nearly managed to set a new best time. I figured the Snowboard Slalom was fitting as a last exercise because I'll probably end up playing Shawn White Snowboarding tomorrow. My final Total Time was 57h 48m, 3468mins total. If you take off the 31 mins for Christmas, I ended up doing an average of 34.37mins of Wii Fit every night for the last 100 nights...and so we face the final curtain.

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