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Day 099 - 03 April 2009


Happy National Find-A-Rainbow Day. Happy Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day. I was at work today, and no comment. Was out for someone's leaving do tonight, only stayed for a few, and kicked Metrodoku's ass on the way home. Today's Wii Fit age test is the Walking Test, and if you've been reading Mii Fit until now you will know I have absolutely no idea how to get a good score in it. My age came out at 20. Well done me old son.

Didn't start the Step Plus too well, and didn't finish it too well. The middle bit wasn't too good either. After listening to Blur yesterday I decided to go for the outlandish choice of Graham Coxon for the journey home and Jogging. I did particularly badly, 284%, a whole 100% off the top 10 score board. Following yesterday's Ski Jump, today's exercise is the Ski Slalom game, where I managed to set a new best time by a whole 15 seconds for both the Advanced and Beginner modes. And now the end is near...

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