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Day 098 - 02 April 2009


Happy Green Day and Happy International Children's Book Day. Happy Green Children's Book Day. Spent tonight watching my newest dvd purchase, Superted. Today's Wii Fit age test is the Agility Test, where blue targets appear and you need move on the balance board to hit the targets. My age came out at 20. Ah, don't stop me now.

Wasn't out tonight, so had time to go back to a proper Wii Fit schedule. Started off with the Step Plus, and made a few mistakes, and missing a kick cost me highly. This morning on the train to work a kid was listening to his iPod far too loudly, but I recognised the beat. On the way home and during Jogging I decided to listen to the same album as that kid, Blur : The Best Of. 320%, stil sturggling for those scores. Had to abandon the Press-up Challenge to check my heater wasn't on because my room was just far too hot. Today's exercise is the Ski Jump game, which I'm still trying to work out how to consistantly get high scores. Time for some Big Bang Theory.

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