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Happy April Fools to you too

I never trust a balance board wearing a hat

I've got no distance left to run

Basic Balance Test

Basic Balance


Day 097 - 01 April 2009


Happy April Fools Day. Scotland managed to win a football game, and miraculously that isn't an April Fools joke. Kicked Metrodoku's ass again on the way home. Today's Wii Fit age test is the Basic Balance Test, where you need to move and hold the percentage of your weight on each leg several times. My age came out at 20. Once again there was only 40 minutes in the day to get 30 minutes of training and menus done. It was going to be tight again. Close enough but not too far.

I stuck with a very similar routine to last nights successful expidition, three 10 minute exercises, starting with Free Step (watching a rare programme, an episode of QI I hadn't seen), Free Jogging (done watching Family Guy) and Jack Knife Challenge (done watching Wee Jimmy). Finished that with minutes to spare for an exercise of the day. Today's exercise is the Headers game, where you have to move yourself side to side to header the football kicked at you by your miis (the first two kicks were by my grandma and papa), and avoid flying football boots and panda heads. I knew something was missing from tonight's Scotland game, panda heads.

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