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Day 096 - 31 March 2009


Happy Oranges and Lemons Day. I did have orange and lemon sweets today, that was lucky. Went to see the legendary David Byrne tonight, sadly most famous for singing Lazy with XPress 2, but should be more known as the voice behind Talking Heads. The concert was awesome, and tag team kicked Metrodoku's ass on the way home. Today's Wii Fit age test is the Stillness Test, and you can work out what to do there. My age came out at 20. My only problem tonight was by the time I'd got home and finished the Wii Fit age test, there was only 40 minutes in the day to get 30 minutes of training and menus done. There has got to be a way.

I worked out a way to do the 30 minutes quickly, three 10 minute exercises, namely Free Step (done watching Family Guy), Free Jogging (done watching Family Guy) and Jack Knife Challenge (done watching Wee Jimmy). Finished that just in time for an exercise of the day, and todays is the last of the doublers. Today's exercise is the Balance Bubble game, where you need to negotiate your Mii in a bubble along a course. Managed to score a very good score for that one. With the Scotland game tomorrow I'll probably end up doing the same to get my half hour in on time.

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