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Single Leg Balance test

Single Leg Balance

Sideways Leg Lift - down

Sideways Leg Lift - and up

Day 095 - 30 March 2009


Happy National Hot Dog Day. Happy National Badminton Day. Once again, don't mix them. Was feeling in quite good shape for today's Wii Fit. Decided it was about time I went through the Wii Fit age tests, today's test being the Single Leg Balance Test, where you need to balance whilst standing on one leg. My age came out at 20. I'm still the same underneath.

Mr Balance Board and I may as well have off days at the same time. He missed one, I wasn't too great either. Went for a bit of Morrissey on the way home (Stephen Patrick, not Russell Brand's cat), so kept listening for the jogging. I had felt in good condition, but only got 321%. Today's exercise is the Sideways Leg Lift, where you need to extend opposing leg and arm, and retain your balance. Only 5 days to go now.

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