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Downward-Facing Dog

Day 094 - 29 March 2009


Happy National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day. Can't beat a cake based day. Scotland lost last night, even though Phil and I missed the whole first half trying to find somewhere that was showing the game. First F1 of the new season was exciting too. Got the walking test again, went for the emu walk, and did badly. My age came out at 25. That was a nice wee run I had going. Can only do harm.

Mr Balance Board had a good Step Plus, I didn't have the best. Missed the top 10 scoreboard too. After getting tickets to see them playing Glasgow in December, decided to listen to a bit of Depeche Mode during the Jogging. Scored 361%, keeping in with current rubbish form. Today's exercise is the Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose, which sounds dodgy enough, and I think Wee Jimmy gave up trying to sound innocent during it. Less than a week to go now.

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