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Day 093 - 28 March 2009


Happy Something on a Stick Day. Happy National Black Forest Cake Day. Just don't put a Black Forest cake on a stick. Had a nice long sleep, woke up and watched a bit of the qualifying for the first race of the new F1 season. M'on the McLaren. Once again I got another two good Wii Fit age tests, once again my age came out at 20 again. Things were done my way.

Twice in one life, when you're hot you're hot. Mr Balance Board and myself both had a good run on Step Plus again, him doing better than me. Good enough for a top 10 score. Decided to listen to a bit of Jonathan Richman during the Jogging today, missing the top 10, but still better than I have been doing, 371%. Today's exercise is the Table Tilt game, where you need to tilt the table to work some balls into holes, it is actually very fun. Scotland are playing tonight, and now is the only time I slightly regret retiring from international football six and a half years ago. With all the current injuries in our squad, I could have got a call-up.

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