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You been staring up my tshirt again Mr Balance Board?

Super Hula Hoop - left

Super Hula Hoop - right

Day 092 - 27 March 2009


Happy National Spanish Paella Day. I don't know what other kind of paella there is, or if that has a day, but today is just for the Spanish kind. Had a busy day at work today, then came home and played some games online, and nearly fell asleep before doing Wii Fit. Once again I got another two good Wii Fit age tests, once again my age came out at 20 again. And to think Paulo Di Canio said I would never beat nine in a row. Drive away and it's the same.

For the first time in a while Mr Balance Board and myself both had a good run on Step Plus, scoring a third top score, making only two timing mistakes. Craig E Boy nominated himself to pick my travelling home music, and opted for the Manic Street Preachers, so more Manics for Jogging. Kept up current rubbish form and scored 331%. Today's exercise is the Super Hula Hoop, which only differs from the Hula Hoop by you having to spin one way then the other, and it's longer. Been feeling really tired this week, so extra spinning wasn't overly fun. Time for some Dave Gorman.

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