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Just 2 stone 4 to go then

Rowing Squat - up

Rowing Squat - and down

Day 091 - 26 March 2009


Happy Make Up Your Holiday Day. Went for another juice with Craig E Boy after work, but again not enough to merit a Metrodoku. Had to celebrate pay day some way, and we did by scoring 7 points. Got another two good Wii Fit age tests, my age came out at 20 again. That's the longest run of 20s I've had, nine in a row, before that was a 21 and three 20s again. Don't ever change, never change.

Mr Balance Board had an unsually good Step Plus, I had an unusually bad Step Plus. We make some couple. After listening to Ian Broudie's album on the way home, could only follow it up with some Lightning Seeds for Jogging. Scored better than I have done recently, but still not amazing, 379%. I seem to be crawling to the finishing line in slow motion now, like a Glasgow football team going for a championship win. Today's exercise is the Rowing Squat, which I disagree with the balance. You're meant to squat and keep the balance really really far back, which means you do really well if you lean back, but not so well if you do more work with your legs. Running out of steam, going through the motions.

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