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Exactly 3 months together Mr Balance Board

Shoulderstand (picture courteousy of Margaret)

Day 090 - 25 March 2009


Happy Waffle Day. They're waffly versatile. Went for a quick juice with Craig E Boy after work, but not enough to warrant a Metrodoku. Today marks three months since Day 000 of Mii Fit, which reminds me, happy quarter Christmas. Got the walking test again today, so decided to tick to the crimesolving emu walk, except in slow motion, and got a much better score. My age came out at 20 again. Some folks say it's all about survival.

Step Plus couldn't have gone much better for me, Mr Balance Board on the other hand .... room for imporvement. Still managed to get a top 10 score despite his indiscretions. The Jogging didn't go brilliantly, but did enjoy the music. Kept up the run of listening to the same band on the way home and during Jogging. Tonight's was Space, but I only managed to score 347%. Going in the wrong direction. Today's exercise is the Shoulderstand yoga pose, which starts off with you lying on your back and bringing your feet up and over your head. Or it's meant to anyway. Time to go watch some Father Ted, with Father Flipper.

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