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Day 081 - 16 March 2009


Happy Everything You Do Is Right Day. And Wii Fit did seem to go right. After my weight/BMI slowly crawling up recently, my weight/BMI appeared to be in the Ideal category. This has happeend once before, but Mr Balance Board was playing up, so I went and got the bathroom scales, which confirmed the Ideal...ocity. Got the walking test again, and scored quite well this time. I think it just rewards you for coming up with new ways of walking eveyr time. My age came out at 21. So he just plays on his computer game.

Worryingly the balance board made quite a few mistakes during Step Plus, which is today's exercise of the day. I had already made a few mistakes by that point, largely being distracted by the fact Wii Fit makes all the Miis the same height, and must be the only place I'm the same height as Lawraaar. The Jogging felt like it was going well, and I got a new high score, not even slightly. With backing of Radiohead, Backyard Babies, Kaiser Chiefs, Blur and Lightning Seeds, got a score of 413%. I'm planning to go out with Phil for food and drink after work tomorrow, so something tells me I won't do so well tomorrow.

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