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Ok, don't need to rub it in I'm getting old Wee Jimmy

Standing Knee - out

Standing Knee - in

Day 080 - 15 March 2009


Happy Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. The goodies beat the baddies in the cup final today. There's only one Kirk Broadfoot. Was at the pub watching the game with Phil and Jill, so I knew tonights Wii Fit was going to be somewhat of a task. The last thing I wanted was the Wii Fit age walking test. I got the Wii Fit age walking test. Somehow I managed to do quiet well at it. My age came out at 20 again. I've found my niche at last.

The balance board made one mistake during Step Plus, but that was after me making several mistakes. I blame Phil and Jill. The jogging went as well as can be expected, setting a new very beered record of 304% (very beered only covers today and Friday two weeks ago). This was accompanied by Nirvana, Prefab Sprout, Space, Boo Radleys and Kreftwerk. Today's exercise is the Standing Knee, an exercise which involves standing and a knee. Time for some IT Crowd now.

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