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Day 079 - 14 March 2009


Happy National Potato Chip Day. Ever had a day when you thought you were forgetting a birthday or a landmark? That was today for me. Now I know it was National Potato Chip Day. Enjoyed another wee bit of Shawn White Snowboarding today, almost know what I'm meant to be doing in it now. Either the balance board was having another strange moment or I put on a fair bit of weight in the last day. Got another two good Wii Fit tests, age came out at 20 again. There's no point in letting it go to waste.

Was doing ok at Step Plus, then the balance board made a mistake, and it threw me completely off. Was in much better shape than expected for the jogging, accompanied by old school Radiohead, Suede, Flaming Lips covering Radiohead and Mali Music, I set a new top score by 1%, with 399%. My right knee started to feel a bit dodgy towards the end of the yoga stuff, so no lunges for me tonight. Today's exercise is the King of the Dance, a yoga pose which is almost impossible to do in time for a camera with a three second delay. Time for Never Mind the Buzzcocks with Moby.

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