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Hula Hoop - left

Hula Hoop - right

Day 078 - 13 March 2009


Happy Friday 13th. Had another night out for Scott Murray tonight. If the queen is allowed to have two birthdays then Scott is allowed two leaving nights. Behaved myself more than two weeks ago because Wii Fit that night was horrendous. Was neary trumped by Metrodoku, but managed to salvage it. Got two good Wii Fit tests, age came out at 20. It comes tumbling down.

Did amazingly well for the Step Plus, managed to get perfect until it got faster, then one balance board mistake at an unusual point and one Marc mistake pevented a perfect score. Had to stick the headphones in during the jogging because the old people were already away to bed. The iPod gave me a mix of Fatboy Slim, Nick Cave, New Japan Philharmonic, finishing off with In Flames, scoring a not too bad (and best with a fair bit of drink in me) 378%. Today's exercise is the Hula Hoop, where you need to shake your thang. There ain't no party like an S Mub party.

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