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Parallel Stretch

Day 077 - 12 March 2009


Happy Girl Scout Day. Desite sounding more cold-y today I was starting to feel much better. After a nice dinner whilst watching Scrubs I had a nice wee sleep for a few hours. I got the Wii Fit walking test, so decided to walk again. Maybe it was the fact I had just woken up, but for some reason I decided to walk with a limp. Wii Fit wasn't too impressed. My Wii Fit age came out at 30. But all that's gonna change.

Felt in good shape for the Step Plus, and very nearly got a perfect score, but did get a new high score. After that was time for the jogging, more random iPod, this time giving me Pulp live, Lightning Seeds, Little Beaver, Space and rounding things off with some David Bowie. After a Step Plus highscore I managed a fourth highestscore for the jogging, 389%, which wasn't too far off the highscore. Marc is back in business. Did the press-ups for the first time in a while, didn't do amazingly, but haven't done it in weeks. Finishing things off with my "only do at the end if I'm feeling good" lunges. As Rafiki would say, "The King has returned". Today's exercise is the Parallel Stretch, which works your deep muscles by making you go into a very cycling timetrial position. Time for some Family Guy now.

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