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...and last week was by far the worst


Day 076 - 11 March 2009


Happy Camp Fire Girls Day. Today was the leaving day of Scott Murray at work, inventor of the S Mub Party. We went for a game of pool with him after work, had a 4 man tournament. The semi final runners-up competed for the people's championship, the semi final winners competed for the tournament. I finished as the people's championship runner-up. Kicked Metrodoku's ass on the way home. Did the usual, Got two good Wii Fit age tests, age came out at 20, BMI was also the exact same as yesterday. We can dance again.

Got quite a good score for the Step Plus, the balance board didn't make any mistakes, I did. In a case of the princess and the pea, I was distracted by something stuck between my two layers of socks. My foot was feeling much better today, and it showed in the jogging. Went for random on the iPod again, this time giving me the Manics, Graham Coxon live, Richard Ashcroft, Kula Shaker and a score of 375%, my first top ten score for ages. Today's exercise is the Cobra yoga pose, one of the exercises which requires neither balance board nor wiimote, but does require a good back. Time for a bit of Lead Balloon on Dave now.

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