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Arm & Leg Lift - down

Arm & Leg Lift - arm and leg lifted

Day 075 - 10 March 2009


Happy Thai New year. I decided tonight the foot was feeling bad enough to double sock it up, and it did make it feel a bit better. Had the real joys of my mums Neapolitan Macaroni before doing tonight's Wii Fit, well worth writing home about. Got two good Wii Fit age tests again, and you still know the drill, age came out at 20. Think I set a record at being the first person to keep 50/50 balance for the entire duration of the single leg balance test. Roll on forever.

The balance board did well during the Step Plus tonight, as did my mum who joined in. I didn't do too well though. Decided to go for something a wee bit different tonight, set my iPod to random before doing tonights jogging. My iPod rewarded my choice by giving me some Kinks, Richard Hawley, Damon Albarn, more Richard Hawley, then rounded it all off with some Prefab Sprout. I did not reward the iPod with a good performance, 343%. Today's exercise is the Arm & Leg Lift, an exercise where you get on all fours then lift your arm and leg and try and keep your arm as steady as possible. Much harder then possible. Now it's time for channel 36, and more Extreme Fishing II with Robson Greene.

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