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Day 074 - 09 March 2009


Happy Panic Day. Had the joys of being back at work today. Didn't bode well for Wii Fit that during work I wasn't feeling great and had a fair few sneezes too. I can honoestly say I wasn't looking forwards to doing Wii Fit tonight. Got two good Wii Fit age tests, and you know the drill by now, age came out at 20. Tonight I'm in the hands of fate.

Did fairly well on the Step Plus, the balance board only made one mistake, so still managed a top ten score. Balance board mistakes are much more costly than Marc mistakes for the overall score. Today's album of choice for the jogging is 101 by Depeche Mode, which did much better than I did. Sometimes I am quite suprised by my percentages, tonight I was not. 337%, and didn't deserve any better. Today's exercise is the Press-up Challenge, which was going to be interesting. Since the foot started feeling sore I've avoided doing the Press-up Challenge since the press-ups put alot of pressure on the toes. The first half of the Challenge was better than expected, but by the second press-up it was hurting far too much.

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