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Day 073 - 08 March 2009


Happy Be Nasty Day. Once again, slept off that hangover. Had a fun night out though. Got the Wii Fit age walking test again, but decided to actually walk this time, giving me a very good score. My Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. There's probably some proper technique to it. There has got to be some way.

The balance board made three mistakes this time, for some reason it's always at the same stage, when you need to so side ways steps onto the board. Went for some Talking Heads with the jogging, scoring 359%. I think the run of relatively poor scores in the jogging can be put down to the sore foot rather than the music. Today's exercise is the Penguin Slide game, one of the few games I haven't scored 4 stars in so far, I'll need to keep trying, need to build up my penguin sliding muscles.

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