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How Will It Move Mii?

Wii Fit can tell you what exercises and games you do the most

Single Arm Stand - down

Single Arm Stand - up

Day 072 - 07 March 2009


Happy National Crown Roast of Pork Day. Green tshirt time again since the goodies were meant to be playing today. We had a game, the team just forgot how to play. After sleeping strangely I'll now be able to tell you if Wii Fit with a sore neck is better or worse than Wii Fit with a sore foot or knee. Got the Wii Fit age walking test, and decided to run this time, giving me a very rubbish score. My Wii Fit age came out at 30. What do I have to do?

The balance board made two mistakes in the exact same places as yesterday, I'd blown it long before that though. Decided to revert to the 90s again, this time with some Divine Comedy, scoring a disappointing 358%, which was more due to the fact I was concentrating on my neck the whole time. When it came to do the jack knives I performed really badly, my timing was all out. Today's exercise is the Single Arm Stand, where you need to keep your arm as straight up as possible whilst standing up and lying down. According to Wee Jimmy I have good coordination. According to the Jack Knife Challenge I have no coordination today. Time to go out and play with Phil.

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