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Jack Knife Challenge

Day 071 - 06 March 2009


Happy National Chocolate Cheesecake Day. I had an awful lunch today. If we have a kitchen that near enough can tell what you're thinking, then why is the microwave just so rubbish? Just to make me feel even colder last night after Wii Fit my parents phoned to tell me about the heat wave in South Africa. Once again I got two good Wii Fit age tests, and once again my Wii Fit age came out at 20. And it's not gonna change for anybody.

Was feeling good today, and only made one small mistake during Step Plus, the balance board made two, which blew it. Still managed a very high score though. Today's jogging artist of choice was Muse, with the "back when they used to be good" album Showbiz, which scored 360%. This was very surpising since I was feeling, and pardon my French here, beaucoup du amazing during the jogging. Today's exercise is the Jack Knife Challenge, one of the few exercises I do every day without fail, with some really good results so far. Only a month to go now. Time to go downstairs, there's some Chicken Kievs with my name on them.

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