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Crocodile Twist to the left

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Day 070 - 05 March 2009


Happy Multiple Personalities Day. When I woke up this morning I was a wee bit surpised to open the curtains to find Milngavie completely covered in snow, and cribbons it was freezing. Finally got a hard Wii Fit age test, return of the evil walking test. I decided to try a sort of march this time, and somehow scored highly. My Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. Woo hoo! I win!

Step Plus didn't go very well, the balance board made one mistake, but I'd made several by that point. Decided to listen to a little bit of Tenacious D with the jogging today, and somehow managed to do much better than yesterday, scoring 383%. Had to avoid the pressups tonight because my left foot was starting to feel quite sore. Today's exercise is the Crocodile Twist, another exercise where you don't require the wiimote or balance board. It's quite comfy too. Time for dinner now, I'm starving.

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