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Day 069 - 04 March 2009


Happy National Poundcake Day. When I got Wii Fit I bought it was part of a bundle, with Shawn White Snowboarding. Played it for the first time today, quite an enjoyable game, will need to find more time to play it soon. I realised today that I might have internalised Wee Jimmy, and can now hear what he's saying without him ever moving his lips. Got another two good Wii Fit age tests, so my Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. Feel Good.

Managed to do the Step Plus warmup with only a few mistakes, none from the balance board this time. Why can't we ever coincide? Breaking away from the 90s theme, today's jogging album was a 90s band spin off. Demon Days by Gorillaz, scoring the worst I've had for a wee while, 336%. Today's exercise is Zazen, by far the worst thing on Wii Fit. I played it twice, first time scoring quite badly, second time using the exact same tactic, scoring the full 3 minutes and completing the game. After Wii Fit I watched the football. The goodies won, the baddies lost.

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