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Day 067 - 02 March 2009


Happy National Banana Cream Pie Day. Had another quiet day, with another fair bit of Football Manager. Didn't feel quite as good today for the Wii Fit. Wii Fit measures your balance and BMI before doing the Wii Fit age tests. My Wii Fit age came out at 20 again, and my BMI came out at exactly the same as yesterday. No change, I can't change.

I did decidedly bad at the Step Plus warmup, partly due to the fact it's very difficult to concentrate when exercising between my grandma and Richard (something I wish everyone could have the pleasure of), but mainly because I was hearing a crackling sort of noise which sounded like it was roughly coming from the plug point. This was later discovered to be a noise made by the label in my tshirt rubbing against my toursers, and I was roughly near the plug point. Stuck with the best of the 90s for the jogging today, Urban Hymns by the Verve, scoring a quite low 369%, which may be due to the fact I was still being amused by the label and trousers incident. Today's exercise is the Torso Twist & Waist Twist, where you have to twist your torso, and then twist your waist, which is like a half-assed toe touch. Finished off the day by earning the golden pig-e-bank due to 40 hours service.

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