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Tightrope Tension - top half

Tightrope Tension - bottom half

Day 066 - 01 March 2009


Happy St. David's Day. Had a quiet day, with a fair bit of Football Manager. By the time it got round to doing Wii Fit I was feeling well rested and in great condition. Felt like it didn't matter what Wii Fit age tests I got, but I got two good ones anyway. There wasn't really any doubt, and wasn't a suprise when my Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. Just exactly what you need.

The balance board behaved during the Step Plus, but I didn't. Made a few mistakes, but still got a fairly high score. Decided to go for one of the best album of the 90s for the jogging today, Different Class by Pulp. Managed to score 392%, in a completely different class to recent scores. Today's exercise is the Tightrope Tension game, a game where you have to walk on the spot and keep your balance walking along a tightrope. Since it was today's exercise I decided to try it in Normal Mode, Advanced Mode and Super Advanced Mode. Now it's time to get dinner for me and the boy (the terropin).

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