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Half Moon

Day 065 - 28 February 2009


The goodies were playing today, and boy did they play. In one game they almost doubled their league goal tally for 2009. Green tshirt time again. Did Wii Fit a wee bit late tonight. Managed to get another two good Wii Fit age tests, the only place where you can be rewarded for not moving at all. My Wii Fit age came out at 20 again. Starting to think the balance board is faulty, either that or I lost alot of weight yesterday, and I've imagined all the Step Plus mistakes before...

...No, it's the balance board. It missed three steps, but still managed to get a quite good score. Decided to try and do the New Japan Philharmonic a bit of justice, so it became the first album to be listened to twice during Wii Fit jogging. Went from yesterdays 203% monstrosity to a new third best 385%. From the ridiculous to the sublime. Today's exercise is the Half Moon yoga pose, where you have to double over to the side and keep your balance and much as possible. Mister Duck misunderstood.

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