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Single Leg Twist - everybody up

Single Leg Twist - everybody down

Day 064 - 27 February 2009


Tonight I had a works night out after work, and later found out the number of drinks you can have without getting a hangover is nowhere near the number of drinks you can have and do Wii Fit properly. Tonight's Wii Fit was difficult. I have no idea how, but somehow managed to get a Wii Fit age of 20. At least it still manages to entertain us.

Managed to do much better at the Step Plus than I would have expected, but it went downhill from there. Since it was nearly midnight and the old people were in bed, I had to listen to my iPod through the headphones. Decided to listen to a bit of the New Japan Philharmonic. Ended up scoring 203%. No typo there, I really scored 150% less than normal. Something tells me that was more down tot he drink than the music. The Jackknife Challenge was particularly difficult. Today's exercise is the Single Leg Twist, where you have to start off as a little teapot, and ift your leg and move your hand down. Fell asleep shortly after finishing the Wii Fit.

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