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2P Jogging

Day 063 - 26 February 2009


Played a bit more Football Manager before tonights Wii Fit. Another valueable lesson for the goodies manager, if you have four strikers and play two in your team, if two are playing badly, then pick the other two. I got an email from my friend Natalie saying she was reading Mii Fit and I hadn't meantioned much BMI stuff. I started off with a BMI about 15.7 (which is underweight) and am currently up to about 18, give or take a wee bit depending on what day it is. To get up to ideal weight I need to get to about 18.5, slowly getting there. Got two good Wii Fit age tests tonight, and managed to get a Wii Fit age of 20. I feel fine and I feel good.

This time after giving it a bit of juice (new batteries), the balance board decided to mess up on the left hand side during Step Plus for the first time. Been a while since I got an unranked score (not in the top 10). After listening to more Monaco on the way home, it was only natural to listen to some New Order afterwards, with their Best Of alubm. Today's exercise is the 2P Jogging, which was enjoyed with my brother last time. This time it was just done by me. Twice. Well, with a Wiimote in each hand. Does that count as running twice as far? I ended up jogging as a white male with epic sideys, and a black female with hair in a bun. As you do.

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