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9 weeks today, exactly 2 months


Day 062 - 25 February 2009


Went for a drink or two (or three) with Craigyboy and his girlfriend after work. Kicked Metrodoku's ass on the way home. Ended up home a wee bit late, only had time for a quick game of Football Manager after dinner before doing tonights Wii Fit. I got the walking test again today, so decided to try the Genetic Jackhammer walk again, with the full Vincent Kennedy McMahon armswing again, and somehow it seemed to go not so well this time. My Wii Fit age came out at 26. The walking test always seems to cause problems. Ruining everything.

The balance board only played up once during the Step Plus warmup, which I didn't mind because it wasn't going amazingly anyway. Sticking to my pattern of not moving much on my iPod, tonight's jogging album was the incredible first album by Monaco, Music For Pleasure, scoring a disappointing 310%. I like to think that was more due to not having much time between dinner and Wii Fit (my fault) and not the albums fault. Same thing goes for the pressups, just did not feel up for them tonight at all. Today's exercise is the Triangle yoga pose, which involves alot more twisting and turning to ready yourself for than is comfortable for a camera's 3 second timer.

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