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...but I do Wii Fit in my socks


Day 059 - 22 February 2009


Terence is better today, should have got home some time tonight. Usual green tshirt on because the goodies were supposed to be playing today, but I didn't see much football being played. A wee bit of beach football was on show though. Finaly finished watching Benoit tonight. Did you know he ruptured a disk which fragmented into his spinal column? Got two bad Wii Fit age tests, so my Wii Fit age came out at 28. Went down the hill the other day.

Today's Step Plus was almost perfect, only let down by one bout of balance board error and one of human error. Ended up with a joint top score. Decided to listen to a bit of Moby with the jogging today, listening to his Play album. Once again scored the now familiar 346%. Today's exercise is the Chair yoga pose, where you have to stand like you're sitting on a chair, and try and keep your balance. Now it's time to go watch Family Guy. Giggity giggity giggity.

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