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Decided to join Wee Jimmy in changing hair style again

Deep breathing

Day 058 - 21 February 2009


Please note, playing Wii Fit for 58 days in a row does actually give you a new haircut. Get well soon to Terence, who had an accident on his bike today, broke his jaw on both sides. Owch. Our other cyclist Miles seems to b e fully recovered now. Got the dreaded Wii Fit age walking test today, so I tried walking very quickly again, and got a horrendous score. My Wii Fit age came out at 28. I'm losing my favourite game.

I've now noticed the step plus only ever seems to miss steps on the right hand side, and boy did it miss steps on the right hand side tonight. Finally decided to listen to the second half of the Top Gear Anthems album, the modern rock half of it. Scored 365%, falling slightly short of the classic half. The modern half of the two has some great songs, but Jessica is still my favourite. Today's exercise is the Deep Breathing yoga pose, where you have to stand as still as posible doing the universal pose for needing a twosie, as J.Dizzle would put it.

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