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Day 057 - 20 February 2009


Finally starting to feel better, but still a bit tired. Delayed the beginning of tonights Wii Fit due to being asleep then watching QI. If only it was possible to do both at the same time life would be perfect. Got another two good tests, got a Wii Fit age of 20 again. Managed to set a new personal record for the basic balance test, scoring under 16 seconds for anyone that means something to. After the tests I was lying on my bed and the balance board asked if I was ready to start the training. I stood up and I said yeah.

And it seemed to cause a chain reaction. Another combination of the balance baord and I missing steps gave me another fairly rubbish score for the Step Plus warmup. After a very long week I decided I needed a spot of Flaming Lips to perk me up again, so The Soft Bulletin was the album of choice, scoring a joint fourth highest score of 364%, and being one of the most sung-along-to-whilst-jogging. Today's exercise is the Ski Slalom game, where you need to work your way through the gates as quickly as possible. Good to see the back of that week.

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